Saturday, June 19, 2010

Return Of The Ratdog

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Life -
Not a lot going on here, just work, work and a little bit of work on the side. I did take my photo clerk with me on my last lobster pickup, which was a fun change from  my usual monotonous drive out to the co-op and back. We also stopped and looked at some puppies in a shop, where they had a Sharpei-Pug mix. Man, that's a goofy looking dog.

There's a little Min-Pin Ratdog that lives somewhere nearby that keeps showing up to bark at my dogs like a little bully. I don't know where it lives, but I hate the little yapper. It keeps barking till my boys are riled up, then taking off. I called the cops/animal control about it, but they said that unless it was on my property when they came, they couldn't do a lot about it, which seems like nonsense.

It tormented me for about three hours the other night, only leaving when I finally got dressed and chased it angerly off my property. I probably looked like a crazy man, but I did get a bit of satisfaction out of it when I barked back at it and it yelped, wet itself and ran away...

Writing - 

I continued working on my new kid's book, codenamed WV for now, just to be goofy and mysterious. I'm over 2,500 words right now.

I wonder about the whole secretive codenames when it comes to work in progress manuscripts (WIP MS) I noticed that a lot of authors scarcely mention their subject matter, let alone the title or any real details. Is this some sort of deep seated superstition? I suppose there could be some real concern with someone scalping your ideas, especially if they're extremely unique, but is that a very real concern?

I can only assume that if someone stumbled across my plans for the Robotic Hand Detective & The Case Of The Voodoo Rings, even if they thought it was the best idea they'd ever read, would they go to the trouble of writing their own book based off of it? I do have a lot of powerful movie and TV people that peruse my blog, amongst the millions of readers ROUS boasts, but how many of you are going to steal that idea and develop a TV series around it?

The Last Sentence - 

And that's not even mentioning the glittery body powder.
From - "W.V." (WIP)


Steve at Random said...

How's Maine treating you...have you become an easterner or is North Dakota looking more appealing with every passing second? Just asking. By the way, our snow has melted now. We shouldn't have any more until the middle of September.

Anonymous said...

I like those titles: Robotic Hand Detective & The Case of the Voodoo Rings. Don't worry, I won't steal them. ;)

When I'm working on something, I don't mention the details online. I am a bit superstitious.

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