Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lego Board Games!

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Life - 

We celebrated Ludo's fourth birthday yesterday. We took him to the pet store and let him drag me around to meet all of the other dogs, paraded him around on a walk and bought him a bag of rawhides. I think he liked it. We usually buy him a new collar for his birthday, but his older one was still in pretty good shape, so we went with something he would enjoy. It's hard to believe that he's that old. He still acts like a puppy.

Pooka enjoyed it too!
Writing - 

I started on a new book the last couple of days. Only wrote one chapter, but the idea is really fun, and I like the main character's voice a lot. Onward!

Reviews Of Unusual Size


Five things about...

by Lego
2-4 players, 10-20 minutes per game

1 - Lego just recently released this line of board games featuring their pieces. This is awesome for many different reasons, but I only have room for five. The most important of which is that this is a buildable board game from Lego! How cool is that? Even the dice is buildable. You can put different panels on it, different colors, anything!

2 - At first, Magikus seems like an overly simple game. You select a row with the owl, roll the dice and collect a magical ingredient for your spell that matches the color that shows. Once you have all four, you can cast your spell and win the game!

3 - It seems simple, but then the magic of Legos enter the picture. They actively encourage you to change up the game! Add the bat into play and block your opponent. Steal their ingredients. Choose your own mix of ingredients before the game starts. The options really become almost endless once you start playing around.

4 - I love it because it's a pretty quick little game. You can play a round in ten minutes or so, change the rules, and play another. It isn't one of those games that you have to set aside 4 hours to play. (And that's a short game for Risk and Monopoly...)

5 - A couple of little things - I have an incredibly hard time remembering to move the stupid owl before I roll. The die, which is pretty cool has rubbery corners and will go everywhere, often becoming a kind of Lego wrecking ball for your carefully placed magical ingredients. It doesn't come with any minifigs. I was hoping for the Witch and Wizard on the cover of the box.


This game was great. Simple enough for my new roommate, Orbie, but complex enough to keep us entertained too! I can't wait to try out some of their other games. 


randymeiss said...

How cool is that? You combine an already terrific toy with the challenge of a game. This will have to go on my Christmas list. Our kids had a Lego racers board game we played with for a long time. You got to build the cars and had different pieces you could get to give you an advantage over the other players.

Jenn (From the Mixed-Up Files) said...

My nephew's birthday is today and Magikus would have been a perfect gift for him! I'll have to keep it in mind for Christmas (and for myself as I love games and this sounds like a fun one). And I love Orbie! (I realize it may be impolite to ask where one purchases their roommate, but if you don't mind sharing, I'd love to know where you got him. :) )

I found your blog through the blue boards will definitely be back! Really fun blog. (You had me with the Princess Bride reference, and the muppet sealed the deal. Two of my favorite things.)

Sherry said...

Happy birthday, Ludo!! May the next 4 years be just as awesome if not more awesomer!

I think LEGO had you in mind when they started the line of board games. I can see where the next few hours will be going for you.

Congrats on starting the new book!! I look forward to hearing all about it!!

Kristopher and Crew said...

Thanks, guys!

Randy - I had that game too, it was pretty danged fun!

Jenn - Welcome to the ROUS Motel! You'll get plenty of geeky love from me here!

My brother actually gave Orbie to me for Christmas this year. You can design your own at They are incredible and awesome. And really quite reasonably priced to have your own official, custom designed Muppet.

When my brother gave it to me, I had a broken arm and couldn't use him, so Orbie's just starting to develop a personality.

Sherry - I gave Ludo some lovin' And yeah, Lego pretty much had me at Hello with these new games! haha