Saturday, June 26, 2010

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It's been a while, hasn't it?  I've been pretty occupied with work and nonsense lately, sorry about those waiting for updates on my thrilling life, or other videos from my roommate, Orbie. (Who should have a new one up Monday)  I'm assuming those people exist...
Nothing too important to report. Still no sign of the ratdog, nor have I seen the mysterious white creature again. I have been sleeping strangely though, with vivid dreams and penguins.

It's been warm out here, warm and humid. I think the thing about that that bugs me the most is the lack of wind. It aint the heat or the humidity, it's the way the air just sits there, wet and sticky. Like a dirty sock, draped over your head while it's still warm. Living in Idaho, the wind was a constant thing. The first thing I considered when buying something for my yard was whether it would blow away. (The saying out there was that Pocatello was so windy because Idaho Falls (To the North) sucks and Utah (To the South) Blows.) So this unmoving air thing kind of freaks me out. I open the windows at night to cool the house down and it's all the same air in the house the next morning!

Funky random storms too, vast, screaming sheets of rain, so thick that the roads fill and your wipers are ineffectual, then 3 minutes later, nothing. I love that.

Reviews Of Unusual Size

Five Things About...

By Richard Castle
2009, 208 pages, E-Book

1 - The first in a new series by critically acclaimed thriller author Richard Castle, starring Detective Nikki Heat. Inspired by the author's shadowing of a detective team.
2 - A fairly standard thriller/detective novel. Not an extremely thick plot weighing things down, but decent fun. I got a kick out of the secondary detective team and Castle's prose was basic but enjoyable.

3 - An odd little beast, this book. I had a hard time reading it as itself, as my knowledge of the background kept influencing my thoughts. Sometimes for the better, other times not so much. I actually like Castle himself much better than the main character in this, a reporter.

4 - For those that don't know, Richard Castle is actually a fictional character, played by Nathan Fillion on the television program CASTLE. He plays an award-winning author shadowing a detective for his next book, Heat Wave. So this is a book written by a fictional character based loosely around his fictional exploits with a non-existent detective. This book is referenced in the program and has just enough inside jokes to be almost ridiculous. Synergy!

5 - Authors James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Stephen J. Cannell all guest star in the TV series as Castle's poker buddies. There are rumors that one of them actually wrote this book, but it's more likely that it was written by the showrunners. For one thing, those authors would make a lot more money of their name was on the cover.


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randymeiss said...

Vivid dreams and penguins? You haven't been into the funny mushrooms again, have you?