Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

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Life - 

My wife finally found a job out here in Maine! Hooray! And when I say finally, I mean she waited until we had two cars, chose one place that she was excited by, went in, talked to someone for 20 minutes and had the job a couple of days later. Freakin' show-off.

I think she'll like it. The job is night audits for a fairly swank hotel/spa/wedding facility in Brunswick. So it's nearby, pays decent, is in the industry we eventually want to work in and she should have time to work on her writing while she's there. Right on.

And I got promoted today. Which means I'm one step away from getting my own Walgreens store some day. It's the same position I volunteered to step down from around a year ago, but I decided that this district would be a better place for the position and took it. The added money was also a consideration, of course. It means I'll have a slightly longer commute, I have to drive to Portland every day now, but it's a pretty significant raise that should help us pay off our debt eventually. (I've started getting the official bills from my car accident and while they aren't as bad as I'd feared.... they're still hefty.)

We also found a tick on Pooka's forehead today, right smack in between his eyes. Stupid tick. Stupider dog. Trying to get that dog to hold still while we pulled it out was like wrestling a bull hopped up on crazy juice. I've never seen a tick before, or at least, not that I remember... not a fan.

I saw some turkeys on the way to the Hannaford's yesterday too, running through the fields outside my house. So many odd beasties out here! Though I still haven't found anything as cool as the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.

Writing - 
I officially started writing my query letter a couple of days ago. Yeeek! I've posted a few drafts online to get fellow aspiring author's opinions and thus far, the few I've gotten are encouraging. It needs some work, and I may make a second version for certain agents, but as of this Monday at the latest, I plan to have queried my first agent.


Matthew Rush said...

Congratulations on your wife's new position and your promotion Kris, sounds like they'll really help, that's great.

Shameless promotion:

I have an awesome guest post today on my blog by Cole Gibsen.

This one is pure query/submission gold folks in which she shares the ACTUAL query that landed her an agent and the correspondence that ensued.

Please stop by to read, comment and follow.


randymeiss said...

Echoing congrats to both of you on your jobs.

Interesting choice of DVD's. I've read the whole series of "City of Ember" books and enjoyed them immensely. It shows I need to stop reading and get out more. I didn't even realize a movie had been made about them.

Steve at Random said...

Never saw a tick before? One more reason to move to ND. A couple of years ago, I walked cross country from the west end of Mandan to our church on the northwest end of town. It was was probably a half mile through brush. By the time I emerged, my legs and socks were covered with ticks. It taught me to stay on the walking paths...which I've done ever since.

The Grows said...

So I am way behind on what you are up to these days but it sounds like things are working out really well for you guys. Congrats on the jobs to the both of you!!!

Sherry said...

Congrats! Lindsay is a show off...but in a good way.

Also, one step from boss-man - nice.

I hope the queries go you as you are querying. haha, that's just a fun word.

Kristopher and Crew said...

Randy - I haven't read the books yet, but I have City Of Ember on my nook. I'll have to read it after Percy Jackson. The movie was all right. Nothing really thrilling, though the city was very impressively designed and the girl, who is an oscar nominee was really good.Sorry we missed you when we were through. We wanted to have a better idea of time so we could call ya, but it ended up being iffy on time until we were just outside of the town.

Steve - I guess there were some good things about Idaho. Ticks and Fleas, though existing, of course, were pretty rare out there. Nasty little buggers.

Thanks, everyone else!!