Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Days Off, Comin' At-cha!

FINALLY, a couple of days off. What shall we do?

1 - I'll likely cook something in the crock pot, probably involving mushrooms and some sort of meat.

B - I'd like to get the boys out to the walking path I used to drive past on the way to work every day. If I can find it.

$ - Finish Percy Jackson and the Olympians so that I can chat about it with my nephew, James.

3 - Try and track down a copy of The Deputy, by Victor Gischler.

L - Clean out the spare bedroom's closet and fashion some sort of writing/craft room for us to use... if we can figure out where to relocate the kitty litter box.

42 - Make everyone I know go HERE and read a guest blog by Bryan Bliss on  Suzanne Young's equally awesome blog. (Even though she writes books for girls. Eeew, girls!)

Oh yeah, I need to finish my final revision and send out my first query letter!


Sherry said...

1- Don't forget the CARROTS!!!! and potatoes...I have a strange lust for potatoes but am too cheap to buy any. Go figure.

B - MAKE YOUR OWN PATH!! It's like motivational speakers always say...and then take all your money. I expect a check in the mail.

$ - Is that a movie or a book? I must admit that I've never heard of it...but that isn't surprising...

3 - Found any good used bookstores there yet?

L - Have you tried the bathroom? I mean, it is their business time too. Good luck with the room making!!

42 - I know, right! Girls suck!

Suzanne Young said...

Love the header on your blog. And yay on your first query letter! Good luck!

Bryan B. said...

Echoing Suzanne's comments - Good luck on your query. I hope it's a fast process.

And see? I'm not so hoighty-toighty (spelling?) that I can't come comment on a blog. And I very rarely comment... ;)

Jonathon Arntson said...

Awesome on the final revision completion-soon to be done and the query. Does that make any sense? I dunno, but good luck. And how cool is it that you have famous ppls commenting on your blog, like Suzanne and Bliss.

The Grows said...

I think what you meant was...YEAH GIRLS ARE AWESOME.

Kristopher and Crew said...

SHerry, Percy Jackson is both a movie and a book now. But it was a movie second. Spuds are cheap out here. Sadly, I've only had time to visit one bookstore and while the masks on the wall were awesome, they were not for sale and the books they sold were of both the hoity and toity variety.

Suzanne, Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm a freelance artist and I designed my header long before I started posting. Had to make it look pretty! I'd originally planned to have a file that let me easily change the marquee, but then my comp crashed and I haven't gotten back around to it.

Bryan, thanks, brother. My book isn't as unique as yours, nor am I as awesome, but I have the hopes all the same. And I have no idea how to spell it either, I usually rely on "swanky" instead.

Thanks, Jon. You too shall someday be famous, and I shall bask in that.

Britteny.... You're right. I can't argue. Girls do indeed rock.