Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Weddings, Reunions, Road Trips, Writing, Reading... July is the month of no spare time.

Life -

Man, the last week has been so hectic that I've scarcely had time to think! My brother in law got married in a really nice little ceremony and excellent kegger reception in the woods, I worked... wherein I had to boot a moron and deal with some crazies. Most craptacular. I have a lot to say about the wedding, which was a lot of fun, but I don't have time for it now... It'll have to wait.

I will say that I was the unofficial photographer and it was a lot of fun, but I am currently having all sorts of computer issues that include a lot of Photoshop grief, Trojans and certain important files from the wedding that, while fine, (Don't stress, me pretties!) I just can't open them with my programs. Bah.

I'll deal with them when Linz and I get back from a family reunion/ camping trip in Montana.

We are going up through Yellowstone, then meeting a chunk of folks I've likely never met for a picnic in the town of Roundup Montana. A more perfect name for a city in Montana does not exist, ladies and gents. One restaurant, one jail cell, one general store, 2,000 residents, 8,000 teeth, one good time, had by all!

Seriously, I've been to Roundup one time before and it's a charming little town that really has the feel of modern western ghost town in the wings that I dig so much. Then we head to some cabins in an undisclosed portion of MT, where we'll kill ourselves some fish or a bear, eat some long pork in the Fiji fashion and take group showers.. or something. Likely none of that.

You ever get that odd feeling as you're doing something where you feel like you're gently rotating, almost like a barrel roll in zero grav? I feel like that now... trippy.

I clearly should have considered a nap rather than a Rockstar this afternoon....

Speaking of Rockstars, the only energy drink worth drinking, the Guava one, Purple Meth as we call it on the Graveyard shift, is no longer carried at Walgreens. Grr. Like I can be expected to plan far enough ahead to buy one BEFORE work?? Madness, I say!

Writing -

Lots of stuff, just not lots of progress...

Responses to the contest I entered Whispering Ferns into should be rolling in sometime in the next two months... the sooner I get my rejection, the sooner I can try and shop it around....

I started writing Graves, my zombie novel. (The title of which has caused some amusing misunderstandings at home, what with my wife's last name being similar...) (2,000 words)

Speaking of Graves, if any of you want to, or rather DON'T want to be killed horribly in that book, let me know. Otherwise, expect some of your noggin in an Oblongata Sammich, baby!

I started a plot outline on an adult Serial Killer/ Private Investigator/ Road Trip book.

Started writing my epic/humorous fantasy novel, the plot of which has been gestating since Grade School. (5,000 words so far)

Loosely plotted a simple, sweet, short story about a small boy with one little talent.

Started writing Book Two in the Moonstone Bay series! Fun stuff, I like where this one is headed.

The Last Sentence -

Opposite it, already rising impatiently, the full moon shines.
- From "Graves"


The Grows said...

Wow it sounds like you are quite busy. Things are crazy hear, we are just getting everyhting ready to move home. We fly into Pocatello in less than a month. I as super excited about all the books you are writing. I especially can't wait until I get to finish reading book one of the Moonstone Bay series.

Rachael said...

And here I thought I was busy. But at least you have some time to work on your personal stuff. That must be nice. Cheers and can't wait to read more. I've liked what I've read from you guys so far!

Kristopher and Crew said...

B - You're coming back that soon? Excellent!

You sure you're not going to go crazy being back in the states, and Poky of all claustrophobic places?

R - I'll probably send off a second chapter to everyone soon. I want to do a round of revisions on it, change a few little things. Sounds liek you're pretty damn busy yourself!

Steve at Random said...

Feel free to kill me and Clive C. off in the Zombie novel if you must...just make sure that the remains are turned into hot jalepeno, cheddar brats.