Monday, July 27, 2009

July... something or other. It's too hot to care about what the date is.

Just a quick life update in between the story of my Montana trip, mostly to piss off Steve for delaying the bit where we meet him in Roundup. Ha!

My computer is officially DOA. This is the third computer I've lost in a year and a half. The first was well over five years old and I think it pretty much just finally decomposed. Number two had a fairly dramatic motherboard crash and we've been using him for parts since and my most recent, a most splendid laptop I acquired from my even more splendid pal Thom became horribly innundated with viruses, trojans and malware, virtually overnight. AFter a few days of constant attempts to save it, the thing finally gave up and gave me the blue screen of doom.


Luckily, I had a good chunk of my files backed up, but on an external that I'm now vaguely concerned was infected as well...

At any rate, that's pretty much all I've done in the last few days. Work, sleep, curse like a sailor at an indifferent screen. Glamour, thy name is Kristopher.

On the writing front, I've started a fun, stand alone kids book about a kid with a useless magic talent trying to find friends in a new city. It started a little dry, so I added a narrator, who has now taken over the story with his asides, tangents and comments. I like him, but he may be too much... We shall see.


Steve at Random said...

Curse you batman....anyway, Dad and I are now on chapter 10 so we're making headway. I may have to write a "book review" blog of my own. So far, Clive has not appeared so everything is simmering along on Moonstone Bay.

randymeiss said...

Don't forget there are people out there who have only read chapter 1.
*waiting patiently*

Kristopher and Crew said...

Hey... Steve has your copy, bug him!

I am really glad to hear that you guys are enjoying it Steve, but I believe there is a second copy in that binder for Randy....


randymeiss said...

I knew when I started reading this blog I was dealing with a kindred spirit. My comment was more for Steve than Kristopher and Crew, trying to get him to hurry up and read so I could borrow his copy. Imagine my shock and utter horror when I find out he's hoarding an extra copy to himself!