Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th, 2009 - My dog is a total moron.

Life -

It's been a bit of a busy few days, though I feel like a lot of stuff has kind of been wheel spinning. We walked the boys a few times, took some photos of my soon to be Sister In Law, cleaned through a few boxes, straightened out the storage sheds, so nothing too exciting, but the pictures we took turned out pretty great and its nice to start getting the house in order.

Oh yeah, my dog is a moron. Pretty much all of the time.

Writing -

Need a couple of suggestions on the zombie book I'm working on. I was initially planning to write it from the point of view of each character in the present tense, with a new chapter for each. Now I'm waffling between doing the same thing in past tense or omnipotent past... Each has a plus. I still like the idea of the present tense, primarily because it gives a bit of urgency, but I've never written anything like that before so I'm hesitant. I know that if its written poorly, that present tense books stand out as poor more obviously.

What say you, loyal readers? What tense do you prefer your novels written in?


Steve at Random said...

Most are are written in the omnipotent past...however, why not be bold and at least write a chapter from each character's perspective. That would be an interesting way of advancing a story.

randymeiss said...

I think the chapter with each character's perspective in the present tense would be interesting and give the sense of urgency like you said. However, a lot of books that have tried this get confusing when the reader has to switch between characters. Writing in 3rd person would probably be a lot easier, but perhaps not as interesting. How's that for adding to your quandry?

Rachael said...

Hey, don't know if this helps, but I like present tense from a personal perspective...if you can pull it off. But past tense from a personal perspective also works. It's what I'm using in my book. :) It avoids the awkwardness of screwing up obviously in present but still gives a stronger connection with your characters. But again, if you can pull off present's very very cool. :) Don't know if that helps....