Sunday, February 8, 2009

September 14th, 2008 - Pendleton, OR - Part III

Getting back on track here...

Before heading to the Rugged Country, Mike took us on a brief tour around the historic section of houses by his, dishing the inside dirt on what they cost, what improvements had been done, which ones were in a sad state of disrepair, before we headed to an alternate property to look at. He prefaced it by saying that it most likely wouldn't work for what we wanted, but it was an unusual structure, and he thought we might like to see it. Obviously, Mike had gotten the wholly accurate impression that we like odd things and challenges.

He brought us to this building, a somewhat unassuming office building on a corner just a few blocks from the main drag.
From the outside, it was pretty average looking, just a few offices along the street, and a couple of garage bays on the side. Where it got intriguing was from the inside. The entire ground floor, with the exception of the offices along the street was an underground style parking garage.

Over to the side there were two staircases as well, one leading into the depths of a basement area, which we didn't explore unfortunately, and one leading upwards, to an open courtyard surrounded by offices that opened into it. It was kind of a strange setup, but it had kind of a cool feel to it, like you were in some strange urban secret garden.

With a lot of work, and we mean a LOT of work, we could have possibly transformed the place into a neat little motel & wedding site, with a downstairs reception hall/dance floor, a small rooftop garden, and few rental suites. We decided it wasn't worth the effort unless we stumbled across the place for a song, and as no one seemed to be serenading us, we moved on to the Rugged Country. A fun little place nonetheless!


The Grows said...

Looks like it has some hope, but you are right, it would be way to much work.

Rachael said...

I have to agree. I can't wait to see the place you do choose though!