Sunday, February 22, 2009

Book Review - FREE FALL by Robert Crais

Free Fall by Robert Crais
1994, 304pgs

Free Fall is one of the books I read on my recent trip to Boseman, and it was a welcome switch after the mildly disappointing B&B mystery I'd read earlier. Elvis Cole, the main character of Crais' detective novels is a great creation. A detective with a sharp tongue, quick wit, good with a gun and the ladies, and sporting a Hawaiian shirt. He manages to be classic nior while feeling fresh and fun, and once you add his super quiet, super effective partner Joe Pike to the mix, you have a team to be reckoned with. Crais likes a lot of over the top characters and plots in his stories, but somehow he manages to make them seem fun and natural in his twisted vision of LA, and the books are always a kick.

Free Fall concerns an incriminating video, bad cops, good cops, gangs, a drive in theater, an angry cat and is a fun escape. I'll keep this review short, and say simply that if you're looking for a good LA Noir book that takes place in the sun and goes to some dark places, then Free Fall is for you!


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