Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our next step: Closer To Home

As we worked on our dream to own a Motel, Lindsay and I quite often found ourselves in a reflective mood, looking back on our lives in Pocatello and what we would miss or be happy to leave behind. One thing we kept coming back to was our large group of friends, family, associates and for lack of a better word, connections we had in Poky. I ran a gas station for a few years and in that time built up a group of friendly customers in virtually every aspect of life, from college professors to construction crews, and Lindsay had steadily done the same a block away at Budget Tapes & Records. As we talked more about it, we started to wonder whether we should look into doing something closer to home. Obviously, a motel on the beach was out of the question, and Pocatello already has a few excellent wedding facilities and a a romance themed hotel, but it was lacking a different aspect of hospitality, a Bed & Breakfast.

There had been a B&B in Pocatello a few years back, a block from where Lindsay had grown up, and according to the scuttlebutt when we looked into it, it no longer existed because she had made enough money to open one on a tropical island. That sounded like a pretty good reason to consider it to us! On the trip home from Pendleton, we began seriously batting around the idea of starting a B&B in Pocatello. Unfortunately, we kept butting up against the likely ROUS of startup cash again, but thought that with our drive and ambition, the right location, and using our network of people in Pocatello, we could build a thriving little business and get our foot in the door.

When we arrived home, we immediately started in, looking up properties and contacting our Realtor extraordinaire, Jared.

The hunt was on, yet again!


Steve at Random said...

Oooh, you are a tease...however, I'm suckered in for another serial. Let the games begin. If I had the money, I'd buy you a B&B but it would be in central ND and you'd have to meet some new people. We do have a's the westernmost town in ND on the Interstate. I lived their for the six longest months of my life.

Kristopher and Crew said...

I don't know how Lindsay would feel about that, considering she hates the snow, and you guys have something like 10.6 months of it, but I'm game for anything!