Friday, April 26, 2013

Family Album - Maine Oddities

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 We spotted this building while we were out cruising around for Maine Maple Sunday last year. It looked like it had once (And possibly still is) an inn.... The building was BEAUTIFUL and quirky but man, it was a mess. Not exactly the type of place I would cruise up to for a quiet weekend with my wife.
 Maybe a quiet weekend with my knife.
But seriously, We were there in the off season, and the place looked awesome. It's apparently still open and run by some truly unique owners. They don't charge much, have a bohemian nutball personality that I find hilarious and in reality, is probably just the place my wife and I would choose. This is actually one of their "Rates" posted on their website - Almost Broke and Desperate: We have allowed hikers to camp on the porch. If you are reading this on a computer, you probably don't qualify. You should be reasonably presentable and willing to work. It will probably be under $25 a night, but we'll talk.

I love it.


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