Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cooking With Kris!

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New Series - Cooking With Kris!

I love to cook. Which is a good thing, since Linz does not. I find the entire process fun and enjoy trying different recipes, making modifications or our own versions of things. I tend towards crock pot meals, primarily because its fits our schedule but also because our kitchen and supplies out here in Maine leave a bit to be desired. (We bought a good chunk of our kitchen supplies from Goodwill or on the cheap, because we have better versions out west or plan to buy nice ones once we move more permanently)  

I've decided to start sharing recipes here, both from cook books and our own home & family recipes, along with our modifications and reviews of how they were. When I can, I'll also include photos of the cookbook's version of the food as well as how it actually looked. 

Be warned - I make food to taste good, not look pretty - my photos will be of food that's placed on a plate to eat, not artfully poured tureens of beauty in natural light with colorful sprigs of fairie wings, so don't expect that. I want to share what our actual family's meals look like. And whether it was worth eating.

Also, don't expect a very focused look at specific food - my wife and I like to eat as healthy as we can without sacrificing taste or making silly stretches to avoid types of food. We're both simple people raised in The West with no real dietary concerns outside of watching our weight. Meat and potatoes types of people. We eat meat, cook with butter, salt and sugar. My grandma used to cook her popcorn in bacon grease and I still do occasionally as well. That's the way we roll. I'm also on the constant search to find authentic recipes for delicious Mexican food, something that is sorely missing out here in Maine.

I hope you try out a few of the recipes and let me know what you think and if you see something I might want to try, send me a link!



Steve at Random said...

Where are the recipes?

randymeiss said...

Yeah, what's up with that? It looks like you have the makings for some excellent chicken tacos or something. Food blogs are awesome. I can't wait to read about your culinary talents!

Kristopher McClanahan said...

Thanks guys! Well, Randy. Steve, the recipes will come eventually... one's up now! And that picture was from when we made enchiladas a few months ago. I'll have to make that one again!