Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ain't Broke Yet

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Life -
But, as they say, I'm bending.

We moved in here a few months ago, and at the time, we were doing well financially. We'd paid off a few bills and started making headway on our big credit card. But moving was expensive. Apart from a loan for the down payment, we had to buy a mower, home improvement supplies, hook up fees, heating oil, propane, Internet... A little bit of everything. You'd think that moving from one trailer to another wouldn't require that much additional stuff, but for some reason, we kept running into expenses. Of course, a $3000 wisdom teeth bill for Linz didn't help either.

So now we have our credit card back up to where it was, a couple of home improvement store cards with balances, a dental bill and an installment plan for our heating oil and propane. On top of our utilities, car payments and Linz's student loans, which just those tally up to about $700 a month.

And we're making less money. Not a lot less, but Linz's job doesn't pay as well, it's further away and up until recently, I was gassing up more than twice as often thanks to my commute. For the last few months, it's been all we can do to keep above, to catch up on things. I'm hoping that by December, barring any emergencies, we can be caught up on all of our bills and start paying everything down again. But that's if we don't buy anyone Christmas gifts and if Lindsay's car doesn't need snow tires... Crap.

But surprisingly, I think it's worth it. We like our little home on the range, it's getting comfortable. And I love the store I'm in now, Linz's job is finally hitting some equilibrium and even if I never get a promotion, we like this area of Maine so much more than the south. We just need to get caught up and get rid of that stress.

We've been working at it though, we both have Etsy shops now, I have Deeply Dapper, where I sell Sasquatch stickers, Lego portraits and bottled beasties, and Linz has Wire Willow, where she sells her amazing cross-stitches, jewelry and crafts. (And she's got a grand opening sale going this month, coincidentally..) They aren't making us a fortune, but five bucks every now and then lets us eat out once a month or buys me some new work pants at Goodwill. (Because Goodwill is awesome and I ruin pants constantly at work...) Whispering Ferns is still available to buy and both of us should have new novels out by the end of the year. We will get there. Then we just have to start saving to buy a motel! haha

By the way, for those wondering, I am NOT going to be actively participating in NaNoWriMo this month. More about that HERE.


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