Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back Into The Mix

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I last blogged here about a month and a half ago. My wife and I were living in Topsham, Maine, I was working in Augusta and my wife was working at a poorly run hotel in Brunswick. We lived in a 94 trailer that were renting on a hilly 3/4 acre in the middle of the woods about 3 miles from town. (If a Target and a Ruby Tuesday is considered civilization...) It's been odd being mostly unplugged - I've checked my email sporadically since moving, but aside from that and the occasional post from my phone on Facebook, I've been unplugged.

Since then, we've bought a place, moved about 120 miles to the north, Linz has a new job (Finally) and we've hosted two very different groups of family here in Maine. We bought a used mobile, older than our rental but in much, much better shape, and after a lot of looking, our salesperson found us a plot to rent in Corinth. It's a nice place, about an acre of gently hilly land, along a stream, with old farms along the road (Though, sadly, most of the farmland has been parceled off into small spaces for homes and mobiles.) We have deer, turtles, frogs, snakes, deer, skunks and bats in the yard.

I'm working at the Walgreens in Ellsworth, which is a heck of a commute, usually around and hour and a quarter, depending on the tourist traffic and weather. I drive past three other stores on the way too, which is a bit frustrating. But this store is supposed to be fertile ground for prepping me to be a manager. If I can ever get eye to eye with my new manager.

But we are quite hopeful. Linz's job looks to be pretty nice; it's with a nicer chain in Bangor, and they want to work her three ten hour shifts, allowing her time for a second supplementary job and to work on her crafts. Once I get into the routine at my store, I will be able to get a line on my writing and art again, re-opening the Etsy shoppe and finishing Mr Pale.

More on everything, like our vacations and plans later, but for now, surprisingly, it's kind of nice to be back online!

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Steve at Random said...

How about a caption contest for the photo? My contribution is: "How I spent my summer vacation."