Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer "Vacation"

This summer has been incredibly full, overflowing, really. I'd planned to keep things scheduled out on my various blogs and merely have them post as they came along, keeping every one up to date and fresh. Then we started spending every day off in Bangor, trying to find a place to live. We found a place and then had to find a place to put it. But now, finally, we own a nice little used trailer and it's installed on a pretty plot of land in the country.

That's when our company arrived. We have a new home 3 hours north of here, but we haven't seen it, we've had my brother-in-law, his wife and their 12-year-old son out here for the last 8 days. It's been fun, and more on it when I get a chance, but it also means nothing has been done about my online duties, my writing or my moving. So they're gone now and we can dive into the nitty-gritty - getting packed, cleaned and moved ASAP. And then my mom may come out to visit in early July, which will be awesome, but if that happens, don't expect to hear much from me on this front until after that too.

So consider this my summer vacation, I suppose - We'll see ya in a few weeks or so!


Steve at Random said...

It has been a busy summer for home, new business location, and lots of company. I wish I had the time and money to come visit as well. Looks like Maine is a lot of fun in the summer.

gaylene said...

my family's going through very similar things right now, but I wish we were in Maine :) good luck~

randymeiss said...

Nice to have you back ROUS! Maybe someday I'll be back as well. I've been on quite and extended leave of absence. Hopefully you have something to pass the time on those long drives back and forth to work. Have you learned how to listen to audio books yet?