Monday, March 7, 2011

I Came, I Thaw, I Conquered

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by Amos Lee

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 A combination of snow, sleet, more and more snow, warm and cold weather.. That's been the last few months. Which has resulted in an accumulation of very firmly packed snow topping out at over two feet in a lot of places in our yard. Our driveway, which gets plowed and scraped and sprayed with sand has suffered too. In some places, the ice on the drive was over 6 inches thick. It was not uncommon this winter for Lindsay's car to only make it halfway up the driveway before giving up.My Element handled it pretty handily for the most part, but it's been intense. We've been using what we've called "the goat path" to get down to the drive. I'm pretty sure there's steps somewhere under there, but you'd never know.

But for the last month, we've started getting some warm days. Warm enough that the driveway loses a bit off the top, refreezing at night into a glassy finish. And the other day when I went to leave for work, my car had slid over six feet down the drive as the ice below it melted.

So spring is on it's way, and I cannot wait. I love winter, delight in the snow falling down, in the cold prickles of air up my nose, but enough is enough. I want to walk the dogs, clean out the house, go to the car wash. I even want to pick up four months of dog poop!

For the last three days, it's been raining during the day. I can even see dirt in a few places and the three foot tall pole in the back yard corner has broken through for the first time since December.

Keep it up, Mother Nature!
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Jonathon Arntson said...

I think that picture of the old car on the snow is spectacular.

Kris said...

Thanks Jonathon! I took that out of the loading bay at work with an old car that had been kicking around the stockroom.

When I was supposed to be shoveling the drift. Bah to manual labor!

randymeiss said...

I was blowing snow from my driveway on Sunday. I had just completed a pass and was pulling the blower back to go the other way and stepped on a brilliant sheet of ice buried under 4 inches of snow. My feet flew forward out from under me, smashed into the blower and I landed hard on my back side.

Old man Winter got an earful of some very colorful language at that point. It's -2 degrees and cloudy as I'm typing this but the forecast is for sunny and 38. Time to dig out the short sleeves and shorts.