Sunday, March 13, 2011

Assembling The Ultimate Power In The Universe Part One

I have wanted the Lego version of the Death Star for a very long time. I love Legos, Star Wars and audaciously sized things, so it's a perfect fit, but the price has always been quite daunting. $400, regardless of the awesomeness it brings, is a lot of galactic credits. So finally, after paying down some bills, I convinced my gorgeous and brilliant wife to let me buy it.

So I recruited some tiny plastic help and waited impatiently for the 20 pound, 2 foot tall box to arrive....
That's no moon....
My crew is dwarfed by the size of that thing!
Within, I found four large boxes, a small sticker sheet and an inch thick, spiral bound instruction manual.
Box one is opened and spread wide.

Opening the first bag...
Step one - The Minifigs. All 25 of them!
The assembled crew.
Mouse Droid!
My helper robot makes a friend.
My builder meets the buildee, Luke Skywalker (1of 3)

Step Two... The building begins.

The ROUS FAMILY -     


randymeiss said...

Whoa! Congratulations on aquiring Death Star!

I'm still cleaning up my drool from salivating over these pictures. My son and I have had our eyes on this set for a very long time. Death Star and the big Hogwarts castle seem to be the Holy Grail's of Legos. Star Wars has been part of my life a lot longer than Harry Potter, so it would be my first choice.

Alas the hefty price tag has postponed our purchase as well. I'm so happy you're blogging about the experience. As soon as I saw your unopened bags my fingers started groping towards the computer screen.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to your construction installments. I hope you and your crew thoroughly enjoy the experience. At least one of your readers will.

Austin James said...

Legos and Star Wars are two things I'll never give up... whoever thought to combine the two was a genius and I'd vote for them for president.