Thursday, November 4, 2010

Split Personalities

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 This Is Not A Test.
After much debate and reflection, I've decided to stop doing reviews on ROUS. I started this blog as a way to keep my family and friends informed with my life, and to track my families myriad attempts to get a motel, become published authors, lose weight, pay down debt... etc etc... 

Then I started posting reviews of thing. Books, movies, CDs, games, Legos, rastaurants... anything. It took me a while to find a format that I was really happy with, but with this newest incarnation, I'm quite happy with it. It lets me get my point across, be a bit snarky and doesn't take long. I've even gotten a few advance copies to review, a sign that at least someone is taking me a bit seriously.

But I'm not a huge fan of having someone visit for my reviews and have to slog through posts about my dog's sore feet, and the same goes for the people that actually care about our adventures, but couldn't care less about the horror movie I watched the night before.

So I sat down and thought about things. I already have a ton of blogs... more than I care to admit, most of them rarely, if ever updated, and I'm starting a few new ventures that require a new way of marketing myself. So I started a couple of new blogs and will discontinue a few more, consolidating and spreading out at the same time.   (It made sense at the time. We'll see if I can keep it up.)

Without further ado, meet the ROUS/Deeply Dapper family of sites!

The mother site. The ROUS Motel will continue to be the place for my family updates, my photography and vacation stories. I'll continue to track my weight loss and writing path as candidly as possible. This will be a document of our future and past.

The official source for my artwork and sculptures. In addition to posting links and updates about my Etsy shoppe, Deeply Dapper will showcase my drawings for R3's Art Jams and any links to the weird and wacky things in the world. Eventually, it will also encompass our book and web designs for our e-books.

My official review site. I'm excited about this one. In addition to posting new reviews, I plan to go back and rework my old reviews on here in the new ROUS style and even better, I'm going to bug my friends and readers to submit their own reviews for posting on the site. I think this will allow me to continue posting reviews in a more official capacity.

Neal Kristopher

My nom de plume for writing adult novels, Neal Kristopher will eventually expand into a full .com website with access to my e-books and more. This site will focus on research and writing in a more professional, official manner. Also, it has skulls that look like lace.

Lindsay Kiernan Official Site

The only site listed here that I don't have any hand in, outside of putting together the design. This is my wife's new site, in anticipation of her soon to be released novels.

Moonstone Bay is on hold for now, but when I get back around to writing children's fiction again, I'll likely pick that up too.

So there you have it, a plethora of sites, each with a clearly defined purpose. I think this will make it easier for the casual reader to find what they want, and more for my pals to explore. Let me know what you think!


Steve at Random said...

I had to leave some remarks...especially since they are now referred to as "brilliant insights." Anyway, I like your thought of different Web sites for different uses. This is my favorite because I like knowing about your dog's sore feet and slogging through Maine.

The Grows said...

Good the one that I want know about is still the one I already follow. I just want so see what you are up so. I like your dogs sore feet and seeing your porch come to life.

Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

Steve - Thanks! I knew a few of you guys were just in it for the family stuff, and I like the idea of people, especially authors whose books I review hitting a site that looks a bit more professional.

Britteny - You got it. I could never change this one... don't want to lose you guys! And I like writing about my dog's feet! hahah

randymeiss said...

Yes, putting the reviews into a separate blog was an excellent idea. I do read them all, but it will be nice having them separated.

Great pen-name! a little shorter than your full name and rolls off the tongue quiet nicely.

It was great to hear about Lindsay's blog announcement also, I'm excited to read more from another member of your family.