Sunday, November 14, 2010


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Tango 'Till They're Sore by Tom Waits

Life - 
I bought some cozy red plaid fuzzy slippers. That is the sole highlight of an otherwise craptastic week. Here's hoping next week goes much, much better. On the bright side, it is very nice being able to walk bravely through puddles of dog drool, rather than dodging around them like a frightened rabbit. (Rabbits have a well-documented fear of dog drool puddles. )
Weighty Matters - 
  My Current Weight - 297
Progress Thus Far -  

  Writing - 

Another bright spot in my week, actually. Though I am woefully behind the goal of 23,334 words for today, I have written something nearly every day this month, and that is extremely exciting to me. I love the idea that this challenge has gotten me out of my writing funk. There have been more words pounded out on my keyboard in the last 14 days than the 14 months prior. And I'm currently writing about plague carrying, mutant horses and a snub-nosed .38, so it doesn't get much better, does it?

The Last Sentence - 

There were maggots too, wriggling around in orgies of putrescence, dropping to the ground like fat raindrops.
From - "Mr. Pale Steps Out" (WIP)


The Grows said...

Glad you don't have to dodge drool pools anymore.

anna said...

Ooh I am a big fan of fuzzy slippers. I honestly believe they aid good writing!

Sherry said...

Nice slippers. Are they squishy?

I had a bunny. She did fear dog drool puddles. Luckily there weren't any since we didn't have a dog...

Nice! That does sound like a great thing to write about. Well, thingS.

Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

Thanks guys! I do think the slippers make everything better.

Mary Witzl said...

I need some battery-operated warm slippers with plush soles. The colder it gets here (and we've been down to below zero a few times already), the more I dream of what it would be like to have warm feet.

Check out Kim Ayres' blog 'Ramblings of the Bearded One' if you haven't already. He documented his weight loss of 100 lbs and although it was a struggle, he's managed to keep it off.

randymeiss said...

Outstanding last sentence! My day just isn't complete unless I think about maggots orbiting in orgies of putrescence.

Reviews Of Unusual Size! said...

Mary - Warm feet is a very good thing! I don't know about battery powered ones, but if they worked....

And I'll have to scope out that blog, thanks!

Randy - I do it all for you, brother.