Thursday, March 4, 2010

Our House

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Sometime in the next few days I'll have to elaborate exactly how mature and intelligent our previous landlord, the owner of The Northeastern Motel, in Windham, ME was, but for now, lets suffice it to say it involved the police and lots of unintelligible shouting on his part. We didn't get our deposit back, any of it and while we could likely take some legal action, we probably wont. Besides, the way I see it, I can cost the place a lot more than $300 by telling my story often and for free on the internet. The power of free speech, the modern technology at my fingertips and mankind's love of a good snarky story should be plenty! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Luckily, our new landlords, John and Renee are great folks. They're friendly and nice. The mobile home we're living in used to be their father's and while it's an older place, it is well kept and in good shape, all of its funny plastic fixtures intact. It's on a gorgeous plot of land, 1.4 acres and all of it hills and trees, butting against a protected wilderness area. I can't wait to get our dogs up here so that we can walk them in the forest.

The place is currently listed for sale, which is a bit of a concern, but it's been on the market for almost a year and, while it is a gorgeous piece of land, the house is pretty old and a little rough, and the property wouldn't be easy to build something else on.

A couple of little details - It has a gas stove, which I've never cooked on. People say I'll like it though.

The property hosts multiple lilac bushes, some other flowering plants, has a garden that collared greens grow in every year, a garage, complete with old wood stove, creepy attic and swimsuit pin-up poster.

The driveway is pretty steep and could be a little rough in the winter. At the same time, I love being so far from the road.

There is a cemetery about a half mile in both directions from the house.

It's heated with oil, another new experience.

It has well water, which I like.

To dispose of our trash, we take it to the dump, rather than having a weekly pickup... not sure how this will work out. I'll likely find it inconvenient.

Despite being a mobile home, the building is on a solid foundation and feels far sturdier than most mobile homes I've been in.

It used to have a mouse problem. It looks like they're from last winter rather than recent, but there's some clean-up that needs done. Nothing someone from Idaho hasn't dealt with before though.
The View from our bedroom window
The landlords have donated a table and chair, toaster oven, microwave and two twin beds to our cause. Did I mention that our landlords rock?

A very cute back porch. Perfect for barbecuing, once I get a barbecue.

The Internet! We have access to the World Wide Web again. This is a very good thing. That's how we watch all of our tv, communicate with our family and friends, keep up to date on news and buy most everything. It's like the friendly Comcast guy reattached a limb.


Steve at Random said...

Can't wait to hear the story about the cops, the yelling and the slumlord....I beg of you, don't make it a serial. The rest of your blog sounds pretty good and I'm sure you like it. Your dogs will, too...someday.

thirdraildesignlab said...

steep driveways and microwaves are both useful when resisting a home invasion by criminal mercenaries. I mean, you need C4 to put IN the microwave, and it pays to have a 4x4 at the top of the drive, with one of those cowscoops on it, but otherwise...

Kristopher and Crew said...

Amusingly, that fourwheelin' cowscooper is the owner's octogenarian father's. He did show me where he hides the keys, but I don't know how much work it takes to control one, but I bet I could figure it out.

Then, I can bury the bodies at the cemetery!

Steve, I plan to post it soon, I just need to make it scathing without me sounding bitter and pissy. I'm not, I'm more amused by the guys antics, but yknow.

randymeiss said...

That last landlord sounded like a true prince. It's nice to hear things are looking up for you. The property sounds wonderful. The only thing I don't think I'd care for is the trash hauling business.

Steve at Random said...

Randy and Kris...I say go find a nearby dumpster. Parks, schools, churches, etc. generally have large dumpsters. Forgot to ask, does Linz have any job opportunities or is she already working? Haven't heard anything about the dear niece in a while.

Rena said...

We have trash dump sites here too. We can get trash truck service, but I think only 2 people in our division actually use it. Most people here use the sites. I didn't know if I'd like it when we first moved here, but it's a blessing. Nothing to pay and no limit of what we can throw away. We drive by the site area all the time, so it's hardly an inconvenience. It's great on holidays or birthdays when we have extra trash too.

Sounds like your new place is going to work out a lot better for you than the last.

Anonymous said...
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Sherry said...

Your place looks awesome! I hope that you guys can spruce it up to your liking shortly. Then BAR-B-QUE!