Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Good Day.

Life - 
This was a nice day. We woke up late, no alarm, a little laziness after we were awake, the perfect way to start a morning off. After a while, we drove down to town and ate breakfast at the Fairground Cafe, I had Corned Beef Hash, home fries and a blueberry pancake, all of which were very good. (Though, naturally, it wasn't as good as The Stone Dog Cafe's Corned Beef..)

After breakfast, we decided to head south and find ourselves the ocean and maybe a lighthouse. I made a quick stop in at my office to fax a form (I'm hoping to get my finances figured out for the new Element ASAP) and the we headed towards Fort Williams State Park, which my boss had recommended as a good place to walk.

Was it! Full of gently looping hills and trails, littered with crumbling fort outposts and batterys, we decided that Fort Williams was just about perfect. It was a bit cold out, with a biting wind blowing in from the Atlantic, but even so, there plenty of folks about, walking dogs and admiring the buildings.

The centerpiece, of course, is the Portland Head Light. Built in 1791, and a gorgeous 72 feet high, the Light is very majestic and very much like what you would picture when you think of a lighthouse, complete with quaint keeper's house. The museum was closed, as was the gift shoppe, but it was still very pleasant to wander around the grounds.

Afterward, we drove to a separate beach and walked there for a while, until our cheeks were rosy and we were ready for lunch.

For which, we finally found a mostly decent and authentic Mexican restaurant! Located on a busy street in Brunswick, in a festive building lurks the Hacienda Pancho Villa. Which, lo and behold, was answered by a spanish speaking fellow, and not a white, hoity-toity hippie lady! (El Camino and your cheesy decor and holier than thou attitute, I'm looking at you!)

The food was a bit off, and clearly spendier than buying it from a bus, but it was pretty good! The salsa had some heat, the chicken was marinated and moist. It wasn't the Taco Wagon, but it should tide us over while we are out here.
After that, Wal-mart and Lowes awaited, where we picked up some super-cheap corned beef for the freezer and a couple of bird feeders for the back deck.

Writing - 
Now, our travels for the day past, I plan to dive into The Whispering Ferns with a thorough revision. I hope to have a query letter ready by April.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading about your visit! I love the east but rarely get to visit--last time, 1986! Great pictures!

Sherry said...

Wow, that sounds like a great day! And, if the pictures are any indication, it was beautiful!
That is something that I miss about the States - having a car to go on a day trip and whatnot. But, oh well. I'll live through you. Go! Adventure! Just don't forget the elbow pads.

Rena said...

Sounds like it was a great day. Beautiful pictures too.

Anonymous said...
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