Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Like A Lot.

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Life - 
It's amazing how live just screams past sometimes. It seems like just a day or two ago it was November starting up, now it's December, and that's one month that always goes by fatser than you can imagine.

We've spent the last few days getting the house ready for Christmas; decorating, making Clove Oranges, cooking a turkey, picking out a tree. We also went through the gifts we have so far and made a list of what was left. We started out being pretty good about buying in advance this season, but there's always a few we miss. Keeping with the tradition of the last few years, (The tradition of being poor) we didn't buy buy anything for each other, and we're trying to go light on gifts for others this year. Somehow, things just keep piling up and come January, our student loan payments double for a few of them. Sometimes I'm amazed at how some people manage to keep afloat, let alone get ahead.

Our house is starting to look pretty cozy, at least as cozy as an entire house crammed into one room can look, anyway. We re-arranged the front room and cordoned off a kind of office area so that if I ever have time, I have a place to write.

I've also been involved in my friend's wedding planning in the last few days. We're all traveling out to Leavenworth, WA for the wedding, and naturally, there are a few snags. Two of the people that were supposed to be coming, one of whom was in the line even, has dropped out, which means everyone that pitched in on the house we've rented suddenly has to carry part of their load of an already expensive trip.

The happy couple is also a bit akimbo on their planning work, so I've been helping with that as well, we spent most of the last two nights corralling odds and ends and designing their invite. The invite is turning out really great, it's designed to look like an old fashioned Christmas card, and so far things are coming along nicely.

We start work back up today, and the month doesn't stop after that. We have one day off after our rotation before we leave for Leavenworth and when we get back, we start work immediately again. After that rotation, it's the 23rd. Hello, Christmas!

I have no idea how I'm going to get everything done!

Writing - 

Ha! You're joking, right? Writing? I barely have time to do laundry!


randymeiss said...

It's nice to know someone else's life is as chaotic as mine. (or perhaps more so) Yes, time does have a way of screaming by.

You should expirement with audio links on your blog, that way we can listen to a recording of the strange little ditty exclusive to your head.

Hopefully you can enjoy Christmas in spite of the madness. Safe travels to Leavenworth and back.

Oh yeah, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours if I don't comment on any blogs until then.

Steve at Random said...

I saw on Facebook where you were cursing people who dropped out at the last minute...now I see why. Have you given up on Twitter? Haven't seen anything there lately. Also, I'd be interested in seeing what an old fashioned Christmas card looks like...are you're friends getting married before or on Christmas?

Kristopher and Crew said...

Randy, I've thought about audio, but I'm too lazy.... Thanks for the Christmas wishes, to you as well!!!

I haven't given up so much as forgotten about it, Steve. I'll probably use it again after Christmas.

I'll have to post the invite as soon as it's finished, it's a drawing of them on the front with Santa and a wreath, and I've colored it to look like an old watercolored print. The interior looks like an old calendar page.