Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What's this? An Update?!?

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Well, hello!

Sorry about the delay, as usual! It's been a hectic year, between two dozen comic con appearances, a "kids" alphabet book and the always there shop madness, this blog kind of fell by the wayside, but I'll be trying to do better in the new year, using this blog as both a personal journal and as a way for my fans and friends I've met at cons to get a bit more insight into the world of Deeply Dapper. 

And for now, if you want even more insight - listen to our new podcast! Deeply Dapper Dispatches is a podcast about my travels to assorted cons across the western US as a con artist behind the table at Comic Cons, Board Game Conventions, RPG Tournaments, Anime Cons, Horror Conventions and pretty much anywhere they'll let me hunker down in an alley and sell. I also get together with my friends to drink a few beers and cover some geeky news, book reviews, movie reviews and recommends and whatever strikes my fancy. 

This episode can also be found on YouTube, with photos to go with the jibber-jabber HERE

3D can also be found on iTunes and Stitcher!

If you like what you are hearing, or just want to help us out - please review us on iTunes - it helps other geeks find us and makes me feel all fuzzy inside.



randymeiss said...

Great to see Deeply Dapper posting again!!! LOVE the youtube podcasts! You need to bring the video of yourself back though. It's much more personal to watch you talking from the fortress of smallitude.

I want to hear more of the cursed mask hanging on the wall. Did you make a podcast of that?

Deeply Dapper said...

Thanks, Randy - I'm really hoping to get back to the video in some form, maybe shorter segments, but it started to become too large of a work devotion - it takes me a couple hours to edit the podcast and it was well over 4 or five for the video and that's time that could be spent drawing, so it had to go for now. But we are toying with some ideas....