Monday, June 1, 2015

Ludo's Ninth Birthday

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 Today, our boy Ludo turned nine!

I still remember the day we picked him out at the pound, a little black ball of energy, who has grown up into a smart, loving, cornerstone to our family. If it wasn't for Ludo, the last few years could have been almost impossible to weather, but his constant energy and enthusiasm makes it hard to do anything but feel happiness around him.

So yeah, I'm waxing a bit rhapsodic about a Newfoundland Retriever Pound Puppy. But he's worth it.

For his day, we picked up sandwiches and took him up for a hike around Cherry Springs. It was gorgeous out - sunny and clear, around 80 degrees. They've done quite a bit of work up there, but it's still the vaguely charming and overgrown nature area we've known since we were kids - a little too random, a bit small, but a nice little stroll.

Afterwards, we stopped at Tastee Treet and bought him an ice cream cone, (Video HERE) then went home and inspected him for ticks. I hate ticks, but he loved the inspection/attention.

This isn't the most interesting post in the world, but we've decided to really start turning this blog into a journal for our family and besides... Dog pictures!


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