Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Month, New Blog

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New Month, New Blog!

Not this one, The ROUS Motel shall continue to sporadically chronicle our lives and attempts to eventually see our dreams of owning a motel come true and in the meantime, fill space with pictures of our dogs. (Though I plan to start posting a few recipes too)

Instead, I refer to Lindsay's and my new blog, Rainy Day Writers! The new blog will feature articles from both of us, mostly focusing on our writing of kids books and our work making a little cash in the process, self pubbing and going the traditional route. So far I have one book out in the genre and I'm starting on book two and Lindsay is currently plugging away at a top secret project in the genre.

So click on through to the site with the bar below. Read, Comment and enjoy! (And rest assured that with my wife part of it, that the blog will be posted pretty regularly! haha)

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