Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Job

Customer- Excuse me, which one of these angry birds is most popular in high school?

In my head - Gee, I don't know, 55 year old woman in skinny jeans with a tramp stamp. The red one looks like a jock, so probably that one. But after high school, I'd put my bets on the blue one. He looks like he would do well in the world of post school business. Red will end up blowing his acl, lose his scholarship and end up in the park begging for breadcrumbs with the pigeons.

What I said - I don't know miss, maybe the red one?


randymeiss said...

I miss your "things that happened at work" stories. It's amusing how being an employee automatically makes you an expert at each and every individual thing associated with your employer

Steve at Random said...

We don't have a Wallgreens store in North Dakota, but we get the advertising. The latest one is about Christmas shopping and it doesn't appear there's another shopper in the entire store. So I'm wondering why I would be there? Yes, there are no crowds to fight, but perhaps there's nothing I can afford either. Anyway, it's an interesting an ad....I'm just not sure it works.

Steve at Random said...

Last weekend, Derek downloaded "Angry Birds" on my now I have a better understanding of your blog. Jeez, it's hard getting hold. However, I am officially addicted to Angry Birds.