Friday, May 6, 2011

My Mom

Everyone else can debate this all you want, but my mom was the best mom ever. Still is. By herself, she worked full time, went to school and raised two very decent young kids. Money was always tight, but love and learning wasn't and I genuinely feel blessed to have grown up the way we did. I have virtually no pictures of her out here (I'd started to digitally convert all of our old family albums before moving out here and only got a few pages worth, and she was usually behind the camera) but here's a photo tribute to why my mom is the best.
She taught us to...
 Appreciate Music


Practice Good Personal Hygiene

To Love Animals

Exercise Daily

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Enjoy Nature

Manage Our Money

Create Works Of Art


How To Be A Superhero

 And An Outlaw

 How To Impress The Ladies

To Appreciate Wonder
 And Legos

 I love you, Mom!

 (There should really be a picture of me reading a book somewhere in there too, but I couldn't find one...)


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randymeiss said...

Great pictures! Such a cute, deeply dapper boy you were! So what happened? Just kidding. Happy Mother's Day to our moms!