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We now take a break from our regularly scheduled recap of my vacation to catch up on some book reviews. (Primarily because I just realized that it was time for my quarterly review of reading and I'm VERY behind on my reviews.)

Reviews Of Unusual Size

by Raymond Chandler
1939, 139 pages, e-book
Re: The first Phillip Marlowe novel, published in 1939. Marlowe works a blackmail case for a millionaire that soon involves the millionaire's nutjob daughters, murder and more awesome dialogue than you can imagine.

Outstanding: Everything. I mean it. I love everything about this book, but if I have to tie down one particular thing, it'd have to be the dialogue. I wish everyone spoke like this.

Unacceptable: The daughter's antics got a bit old after a bit.

Summary: I've read this book a few times over the years and it never ceases to thrill. It's one of those books that I read when I'm feeling down, or that maybe I don't want to be a writer, or when I have a fedora, a cigarette, some whiskey and no case to occupy my time.

by Stieg Larsson
2010, 630 pages, e-book

Re: Lisbeth Salander is on the run and still a bit crazy. Blomkvist and crew do what they can to prove her innocence - such as it is - and unravel the twists and turns that result.

Outstanding:That outline doesn't really give proper credence to the plot here, which is pleasantly twisted and pretty fun.

Unacceptable: Once again, I thought Salandar's character was all over the place, bouncing between manic and crazy and extremely professional, but not in a way that suggests it was intentional so much as in a way that suggests the author couldn't decide which way to go.

Summary: I still think these books are overrated, but the plot was better this time around, with tighter pacing and a gloriously over the top climax.

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