Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cleaning House

I've spent most of the day cleaning the house and napping. Days off are the best. Now I plan to sculpt something, watch a movie and read.

A couple of days ago, I won an award, and as part of the deal, you're supposed to pass that on to fifteen equally enjoyable and deserving blogs that you've recently discovered. As it turns out, with the exception of those I started following because of her other winners, I only follow around 30 blogs.... and I've gotta save some for the next award I win. SO without further ado, here are some pages that bring me great joy on a regular basis. Below you'll find writers, bikes, robots, monsters, mothers, ninjas, dogs and more. There's no common theme except that all of them are awesome! 

Check 'em out, love 'em and pass them on!

Reviews Of Unusual Size

Five Things About...

 Prison Tower Rescue
by Lego
365 pieces

1 - This is the first set I have from the new Castle-themed Legos, titled Kingdoms. Each time they start a new series with Castle, it's a good kingdom versus a clearly bad kingdom, in this case, a red and white themed Lion kingdom versus the green and gold Dragon kingdom. I have to give it to the bad guys as far as color scheme this time around.

2 - This is a pretty simple set, the assembly was trouble free and everything seems pretty sturdy and well-designed. So far the green plate directly below the portcullis is the only thing that seems poorly anchored.

3 - This set comes with 5 minifigures, a Lion knight and soldier, a Dragon knight and crossbow wielder and a princess in a red and white dress. There's a also a horse for the Lion knight. I especially like the grizzled gray beard on the Lion knight.

4 - A couple of fun details on here, including a wheel and string controlled gate, a drop down prison gate that becomes a ladder, boiling oil and a tiny catapult. The horse has a nice unicorn horn that fits into its headpiece.

5 - A solid set overall, with logical ways for the residents to get to different floors, though it suffers, like all Legos by being a simple one sided structure, like a set in a play. Which has been standard for quite a while and allows for easier play on both sides, but I do miss the older swing-open styled buildings they used to have.



The Grows said...

I am totally the mother. Yippy!!! On a side note I love the you still have so much fun with Legos.

Tabitha said...

Wow, thanks for the blog award!! It's such a pretty one, too...

Aren't legos awesome? I didn't get to play with them much as a kid because, being a girl, everyone gave me dolls and such. But I loved playing with them at friends' houses (their brother's legos, anyway). Now that I've got two boys of my own, I'm thoroughly enjoying all the super cool sets available. I get as excited as the boys when we go to the lego store. :)

Jonathon Arntson said...


Thanks for the awesome award, man.

nanmarino said...

Thanks for award! Love the pics of your pups. And yes, like everyone else here, I'm a major fan of Legos. But my Lego creations were always haphazard and were never structurally sound. They were always pretty, though :)

randymeiss said...

Yeah, thanks for the pink, frilly, girly award. You've put me in a bit of a quandry. I don't follow 15 blogs, and half the ones I do follow, already got the award. But I will do my part and award the few that I can.

I heartily enjoy your Lego reviews. Lego's is the one toy from my childhood that I get just as much fun out of today, at my 40-something years of age, as I did in my younger days. BTW, what makes you think the dragon knights are the bad guys and the lion knights are good guys? Are you prejudice against dragons or something? I also like the green/gold color scheme the best.

Steve at Random said...

As Garth so eloquently said in the 1990s, "I'm not worthy." But thanks for the award anyway. I continue to enjoy keeping up with you and Lindz on your blog....oh, and the animals,too.

Kristopher and Crew said...

Britteny - Darn tootin' you're the mom! And an awesome one, at that.

Tabitha - I agree, there are some really cool sets out there, and I think it's a horrible tragedy that there aren't any for girls.

Jon - You deserve it, bro. I love your blogs and all the cool stuff in them!

Nan - I always had that problem with my own creations too. Either they'd be thick and impenetrable or immediately fall apart.

Randy - I hope I always love Legos. It isn't Christmas without a set. I think it keeps me young.
And Lego established the baddies this time around, not me. I think red is evil.

Steve - You are worthy, Uncle Steve! After all, you and Randy are a huge part of why I didn't give up a few times!