Friday, August 20, 2010

Come Again. If You Want To Die


And that's about it. For the last week, my life has been my job and nothing but. My "boss" was on vacation, which was all right, the store runs smoother when he's gone anyway, but it does mean my work load is increased, then one of my fellow managers lost her kitten in a really tragic way, so I had to work a 12 hour shift unexpectedly and after an evening of staying up WAY too late. Then, the next day, my "boss" returned. As a general rule, I'm not supposed to talk specifics about my work on any kind of public forum, but lets suffice to say that he arrived, dinked around, left again, came back, made some vague allusions to work and then left. The day before we were scheduled to host a huge event in the parking lot. So there was another 11 hour day, capped by a trip to Bath to grab a cooler for the next morning. That was another couple of hours.

Yesterday, I spent the day inside, doing my job while the "boss" sat outside in a tent schmoozing the radio personalities. Another 11 hours wasted there. I have a day off today, but just the one before I'm back in there.

I hope I get my spirits back to snuff before I decide to play "How many people can I fit in the cardboard compactor". 

On the bright side, I did devise a clever new scheme to make a little bit of money with some sculptures and art. If I can find the time to put it into operation....


The Grows said...

Sounds like a tough week. Hopefully this next one will go better.

Sherry said...

I'm sorry to hear about all the hard days and nights you've been having!! I hope that you can relax today and catch up on probably much needed sleep! I hope next week is much MUCH better.

And, since I know of the plan, I must say that I like it and I'm sure you'll be rolling in dough (literally or figuratively - I leave that up to you and do not judge in any fashion) quite soon! Just don't give up! If I can help, let me know! I'll be happy to spread the word as much as I can. I, unfortunately, can't buy anything, but free word-of-mouth advertising is always a delight :D

Anonymous said...

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Kristopher and Crew said...

Thanks, Britteny. So far, it's been quite a lot better.

Sherry, I don't know how much money it'll make, but it should be fun getting it set up, if nothing else! haha. And Work is why you haven't heard from me, by the way. All I've done when I get home is shower and unwind a bit.

Anonymous, Thanks for identifying ROUS after previous months, I know that must have been most hardest. And I will happily forgive the spoken of your english languages, but your poor use of HTML links is inexcusable.