Thursday, January 14, 2010

It Was The One-Armed Man!

Life - 
So... packing to live in a different state, in a bit of a hurry, possibly a wee overwhelemed. What could make that rougher? Trying to do it with just your left arm. Ugh. I I've never been more frustrated and annoyed in my life than I am now, watching my small wife try and move boxes, straining to budge something that would normally have been pretty simple for me to lug around. I can't even really pack things, it's amazing what little things you do with two hands that you kind of just assume in the back of your head are one-handed things.

And it still takes me forever to put on a pair of socks.

However, we are making pretty good progress, the house is gradually becoming echoey and barren, moreso than any time in the recent packing binges we went on, and it's comforting.

I've spent a lot of time this month trying to be excited about the move and not really pulling it off, theres just been too many other stresses. It's starting to sink in though, things are getting real, and I'm getting more excited about our adventure.

I had another appointment the other day for my arm. It's healing very well, in fact, they almost decided to take me out of the splint. They actually said that they'd hoped this plan would work, but were pretty sure it wouldn't and they'd have to operate. Hooray, I guess! I have some excercises I have to do now, mostly stretching and flexibility. My muscles have atrophied to the point that it's almost frightening. I've never felt the bones under my shoulder before, bones that now are clearly very close to the skin. I have a long road ahead to build my arm back up.

Reviews Of Unusual Size

Books -

by William Lashner
2004, 576 pages

by William Lashner
 1996, 608 pages

by William Lashner
2005, 576 pages

by James Rollins
2009, 416 pages

by Stephen Hunter
1993, 592 pages

Once again, I'm a little too pressed for time to give these books a proper evaluation, but I thought I'd get them listed all the same. I found a new author this month, William Lashner, who writes legal thrillers based in Philadelphia. I started with PAST DUE, which I found in a thrift store and loved his eye for dialogue and characterization enough to run out and buy three of his others. I really like his stuff, his characters are a little rougher around the edges, sarcastic and grey-souled, a really pleasant change from the usual heroes of legal thrillers. I also discovered from his website that he was the author of a different book I'd read last year, KOCKROACH, which he wrote under a pseudonym. I dug that book and it was kind of amusing to realize that I'd read a book by the author I'd "Discovered" already.

Writing - 
I actually wrote a bit the other night, mostly just trying to find a comfortable position. I wrote a new intro to the Whispering Ferns, something I like, but probably wont use.

The Last Sentence - 

As Smith grew, his fascination with the old museum and it's secrets grew with him.

From - "The Whispering Ferns" (WIP)


Jonathon Arntson said...

Tough physical times like you are experiencing, definitely make us appreciate the normal times. My best friend has cerebral palsy and walks with a severe limp, but after being her friend for years, I literally never notice. It's only her rare, "wel;, you have it easy" that brings it all back into perspective and I realize I am a lot luckier than I think.

Moving is scary, and it's usually the reason behind the move that is the scariest. Cannot wait to see you improved updates.

Steve at Random said...

Take care of yourself's easy to over do it. I had shoulder surgery about five years ago and had to watch what I did for about six months. It's worth it to avoid having surgery again. Give your arm plenty of time to heal. I wish you weren't having to pack at the same time you're healing but how do you pick the perfect time to do anything? Keep up the blog when you get to Maine. It'll continue to be our communications connection. Although I still can't believe you are giving up sulty ND for Maine. I hear there are polar bears living right outside of Portland...really.

randymeiss said...

Try to get some video of you eating a whole lobster. I'd love to see you tackle something like that one-handed.