Saturday, August 8, 2009

I've been Out Of My Head

And quite lax on updating this.

The primary reason is that for the last week, I've spent the time I usually use to post on my blog and keep up to date on other sites, taking care of my mom and brother's pets while they're in Oregon on Vacation. I've also been feeling blah for a compound of reasons, all mashed together with a heaping helping of too damn hot.

Luckily, today is rainy and I'm halfway through my rotation. And last night I managed to write more than just a sentence or two in my book.

Good enough for this week.


Steve at Random said...

As always, good to hear from you...are you working on your sequel to 'Whispering Ferns?' Grandpa and I finished it and I gave one of the copies to Randy Meisner to read. Can't wait for part deux.

randymeiss said...

Just finished "Whispering Ferns" last night. Absolutely smashing ending. It started off a little slow but picked up speed about halfway through.

About the only thing missing was a good villian or some internal squabbling. Smith's family and the Moonstone Bay residents seemed to get along just a little too well with each other. A character to give Smith a hard time would add something IMHO.

Really great characters though. You fall in love with Smith almost instantly. I also liked cousin Beckett. I'm glad it was written as a series. I look forward to more.

Kristopher and Crew said...

Thanks guys.

I have started the sequel, but I'm in revisions on the Whispering Ferns and I'm about halfway done with a shorter kids book, a stand-alone novel

Amusingly, Randy, I was just talking about condensing the first two chapters together to make a faster beginning. I'll likely start it with him having a nightmare on the plane en route to Washinton now. I think that will jump the pace quite a bit.

I'm also adding a few scenes with the twins actually causing trouble rather than just referencing it, and Cannon tells a few stories.

I love any comments guys, keep 'em coming!!